Dock Leveller Pits

Dock Leveller Pits

Dock Leveller Pits

We bespoke design precast concrete Dock Leveller Pit systems for UK warehouse and distribution centers to provide a level access for vehicle trailers for loading and off-loading.

Dock Leveller Pits

Leveller platforms are manufactured by a number of companies (whom we work closely with) and they come in a wide variety of types and sizes, all requiring specific features in the housing (the "dock pit") which contains and supports them.

Ebor's Precast Concrete is the natural choice for dock leveller pits

  • High quality, factory produced precast units to tight tolerances
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Off-site manufacture reducing build programme times
  • Robust construction to resist repetitive vehicle impact loads
  • Bespoke units to suit individual project details
  • Cast-in metalwork to dock leveller manufacturers requirements

Ebor Concretes have developed a range of precast concrete dock pit systems to suit all makes, models and sizes of dock levellers.

There are 3 main types of precast dock pit

1 - Basic Pit

Can be supplied with or without tailgate slots. Comprises front supporting wall, rear and side retaining walls and biscuit floor slabs spanning between.

2 - Closed Pit (Non Tailgate)

This system comprises a single piece, 4-sided box (rear wall, 2 side walls and base) designed such that the open end sits on a slot in a front retaining wall. The dock pit itself can be supported at the rear on compacted backfill or on a wall or plinth. Where required steel edge protection can be provided around the pit box and other cast-in metalwork incorporated to meet the needs of the dock leveller supplier. The dock levellers may be supported on the floor of the box or on its perimeter walls. 

Dock Leveller Pit system preparation3 - Closed Pit (Tailgate)

Where a tailgate slot is required in conjunction with a closed pit, there is no floor on the pit box and instead a top unit comprising a rear wall and two side walls is sat on plinths which form the tailgate slot beneath the leveller.

The assembly is fixed, using steel brackets, to the front wall which has the appropriate opening and tailgate slot in it. The walls are usually designed with a toe which is dowelled into a base slab. Walls can also be supported off the columns.

A variety of precast concrete elements make up the 3 types of pit and these can be used in different configurations to suit particular applications and with ancillary items to construct loading bay arrangements to meet your needs.

Dock Leveller Pits

Dock Leveller Pit Components include:-

  • Front Perimeter Walls. Either spanning between column foundations or fixed to continuous strip foundation. Can accommodate fixings for bumper stops, dowels to floor slabs, steel edge protection etc.
  • Retaining Walls. Sloping walls to yard ramps.
  • Door Surround Walls. Either solid or insulated. Supported on steel frame.
  • Rear and Side Walls. Usually dowelled into base slab. Can retain soil or backfill supporting ground bearing slab. Supports loading area slabs and can include dowels into floor slab.
  • Biscuit Slabs. Provide support to in-situ structural topping with continuity reinforcement. Designed to withstand a floor loading of 15kN/m2 as standard. Higher loading can be accommodated on request.
  • Infill kits to fill front wall and floor slab openings where dock levellers may be required in future.

What Next?

Ebor Concrete's Team of Precast Professionals are available to help you with your enquiry and can provide expert help and advice around creating a bespoke Dock Leveller Pit solution to meet your finite project needs. We can advise with timescales, project issues or ideas, solutions to obstacles in design, pricing and provide a quotation for you from completed drawings.

Please give us a call or use our web form for a quick and ready response.

Dock Leveller Pits

Recent Completed Client Project at Poundworld's new Distribution Centre at Normanton