Precast Stadia and Terracing

Precast Concrete Stadia and Terracing Units

Precast Concrete Stadia and TerracingThe same great principles of Stadia Design are applied to all client projects we've bespoke manufactured concrete terracing units for

Ebor's renowned Precast Structural Concrete is the natural choice for the construction of terrace units for sports stadia, public arena's and indoor or outdoor theatres. The advantages of Ebor's precast concrete solutions include:-

Dewsbury Rams RLFC - new stadia

New Stadia being installed at Dewsbury Rams RLFC

  • Speed of construction (installation can progress with steel or concrete frames)
  • Ideal engineering properties of strength, durability, fire resistance, stiffness to limit deflection and vibration due to crowd loading, limiting noise transmission
  • A robust and reliable concrete product
  • High quality factory finishes
  • Improved safety with fewer trades on site


Precast Stadia and Concrete Terracing

The finished stand at Nottingham CCC - Trent Bridge

Ebor Concretes have manufactured and supplied terracing stadia for

  • Football
  • Rugby Union
  • Rubgy League
  • Cricket
  • Horse Racing
  • Speedway
  • Athletics
  • Tennis
  • Swimming

We also apply the same great principles used in the design and construction of sports stadia to cinemas, lecture theatres and other auditoria. Ebor Concretes can bespoke design and supply all the precast concrete elements required in the construction of terrace structures.

Precast Concrete Terracing Units

Precast Terracing Units generally span between raker beams up to a maximum of 7 or 8m span. Raker beams can be of steel or concrete but must have a suitable bearing seat for the terrace unit. Typically terrace units are "L" or "T" shaped in section with varying rise heights and goings. Proprietary lifting anchors are cast into the units for quick and safe handling and erection.

- Vomitory and Perimeter Walls

-- Vomitories which provide for safe movement of spectators between seating and concourse areas beneath terraces are formed from concrete walls which are supported either on the frame or concourse floor.

-- Wall sections are usually jointed to allow easy handling and transportation of the units. The vomitory walls themselves can provide support to adjacent terrace and walkway units usually by steel brackets fixed to the walls.  Additional walls may required around the playing area or at the rear of a terrace. Ebor will design and manufacture these as as an integral part of any grandstand.

Precast Concrete Block Steps- Stairs and Step blocks

Stairs for access and egress to the terrace and concourse areas are a fundamental part of any stadium structure. More details of what Ebor Concretes can provide can be found on our "Precast Concrete Stairs" page. 

Typically, the rise between terrace units will be about 350mm. For safe movement of spectators up and down the terrace, the rise needs to be about 175mm and step blocks are provided which sit on the terrace units to achieve this.

- Raker Beams

Where concrete raker beams are specified, Ebor can design and supply these with the requisite bearing for terracing units.


- Walkways, Disabled Seating Areas and Balconies

Precast Stadia and Concrete Terracing

A typical terrace will include walkways for spectator movement, balcony walls and variety of other "special" units for areas such as disabled access and seating.

As a specialist in bespoke structural precast, Ebor can develop solutions, design and manufacture these elements to your requirements.


What Next?

Ebor Concrete's Team of Precast Professionals are available to help you with your enquiry and can provide expert help and advice around creating bespoke stadia and terracing solutions to meet your finite project needs.

We can advise with timescales, project issues or ideas, solutions to obstacles in design, pricing and provide a quotation for you from completed drawings.

Please give us a call or use our web form for a quick and ready response.