Precast Concrete Stairs

Precast Concrete Stairs & Landings

Precast Concrete StairsAn economical, bespoke solution for Concrete Staircases

As with all of our structural precast concrete products, our Precast Concrete Stairs and Landings are bespoke precast units designed to provide the most economical solution to meet the requirements of your client and their busy design team. Precast Concrete Stair Flights can be manufactured to the geometry to suit your project with variable width, riser height, going length and waist thickness. Landings can either be manufactured as separate units or integral with the flights. 

concrete steps staircases

In determining the right solution to meet your needs, there are a number of factors we need to consider.

If you have specific requirements then please let us know and we will endeavour to accommodate them.


Where do the flights and landings take their support from? The longer the span, the thicker the section needs to be and the heavier the unit will be for lifting purposes.

Ebor can provide precast landings span across the core with separate flights supported on landings or incorporate landings integral with the flights.

What is the method of support? Halving joint, angle bracket, hidden dowels, in-situ stitch? We can offer a range of options to meet your requirements.

Add in stair / landing connection details

Building Regulations require that a building shall be constructed so that in the event of an accident the building will not suffer collapse to an extent disproportionate to the cause. If the building designer requires the stairs to provide structural ties at support then these can be incorporated if details are provided.

Precast Concrete Stairs

Orientation of Casting and Finishes

  • We can cast stair flights either inverted, as-laid or on-edge. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. The orientation of casting determines the type of finish on each surface.
  • Where flights are required to have big integral landings, these will usually need to be cast in the "as-laid" orientation.
  • The quality of finish required will normally govern the orientation of casting. For instance, where a soffit is required to have a finish suitable for direct decoration then the unit should be cast as-laid or on-edge.

Our standard finish is a Type B (BS8110) to moulded surfaces and a good steel float finish to un-moulded surfaces. Other finishes can be provided on request.  Where structural screeds are to be provided to tops of landings, we would normally provide a screed or brush finish to give a key to the topping.


Our standard nosing detail is either a ‘pencil round’ or 10mm chamfer. Alternatively a radius can be provided. 

Rebates for anti-slip inserts or nosing protection can be provided on request.

Undercut to risers, up-stand edge walls, balustrade pockets or rebates, lighting recesses, electrical conduits and other architectural features can also be accommodated.

precast concrete stairs from Ebor Concrete


Our flights and landings are provided with proprietary lifting anchors for on-site handling and erection. These will normally be 4no. spherical head anchors in the treads or top of the landing designed to suit the loads imposed during lifting.  Alternative lifters are available to suit your requirements.

Edge Support and Tread Protection

Cast-in sockets or other fixings for temporary edge protection can be accommodated. Stair treads can be provided with temporary protection to prevent damage by following trades after erection and before handover. Either proprietary plastic strips or OSB timber boards are fitted to the treads using Tapcon self tapping screws.

What Next?

Ebor Concrete's Team of Precast Professionals are available to help you with your enquiry and can provide expert help and advice around creating bespoke solutions for Concrete Stairs, Staircases, Landings or Precast Concrete Steps to meet your finite project needs. We can advise with timescales, project issues or ideas, solutions to obstacles in design, pricing and provide a quotation for you from engineer's and architect's drawings.

Please give us a call or use our web form for a quick and ready response.