Environmental Policy Statement

Precast Concrete Stadia and Terracing

Ebor Concretes Ltd recognises concern for the environmental implications of our activities relating to the design and manufacture of bespoke structural precast concrete elements for building and civil engineering structures. The Company affirms its commitment to minimising wherever possible, any harmful effects the business may have on the environment through this Environmental Policy Statement.

In particular, Ebor Concretes Limited will ensure that it will:-

(i)            Reduce to the practical minimum the environmental impact of emissions to air, land and water and noise from our operations and strive for continual improvement.

(ii)          Comply with all applicable environmental legislation, regulation and standards and work strictly within the terms of our Environmental Permit.

(iii)         Consider environmental implications when making Company decisions at all levels.

(iv)         Keep production of waste materials to a minimum and ensure that any waste produced is disposed of in a safe and proper manner, in accordance with relevant statutory requirements and minimising environmental impact.

(v)          Improve the efficient use of energy and potable water and reduce the emissions of gases associated with Climate Change.

(vi)         Develop operational procedures to minimise pollution risks and deal with any incidents.

(vii)        Provide instruction, training and supervision as appropriate to raise environmental awareness in our employees and ensure that our policies and procedures are complied with.

(viii)      Ensure that the Company's business activities are carried out in a manner that creates minimal disturbance to the local community and local habitats.

(ix)         Ensure that contractors carrying out activities at the Company's premises, do so in a manner which reflects and maintains the Company's environmental objectives.

It is implicit in this policy that in seeking to improve our environmental performance, proper account will always be taken of the relative costs and benefits of initiatives and actions proposed.

This Environmental Policy Statement will be brought to the attention of all employees and any other person who may be affected by the Company's undertaking.  It will be reviewed annually and may be modified from time to time and may be supplemented as necessary by further statements relating to the work of particular sections or groups of employees.


October 2016 Revision