Quality Policy Statement

Dock Leveller Pits BW

Ebor Concretes Ltd are committed to:-

(i)           Understanding and satisfying the needs and expectations of each of our customers and their clients and the demands of each and every contract

(ii)          Striving to deliver the best and the most effective in our activities at all levels

(iii)          Implementing best practice and continually improving the business

(iv)         Delivering quality products and services in a safe and economic manner with due regard for all environmental issues

(v)          Implementation of an effective documented quality system to ensure and demonstrate compliance with required standards on every contract

(vi)         Training and support of all our employees to enable every individual to contribute effectively to the fulfillment of this policy

This statement will be brought to the attention of all employees and any other person who may be affected by the Company's undertaking. It will be reviewed periodically and may be modified from time to time as necessary.

October 2016 Revision