Cleveland Potash Mine

Ebor Concretes started works in 2010 on the re-lining of the personnel access shaft into the Cleveland Potash Mine at Boulby near Redcar.


At around 1 kilometre deep, the extremely high earth pressures dictate that the lining to the 6m diameter shaft should be composed of high strength concrete blocks at 1.2m thick.


Ebor Concretes manufactured 576 of the wedge shaped blocks to very tight tolerances using concrete with a characteristic strength of 120N/mm2.


16 of the blocks were cast with sophisticated geotechnical instrumentation embedded within them for measuring ground pressures and strains in service.


The super-high strength concrete was achieved using CRC binder imported from Denmark and fed into the mix using a special dosing plant.


  • 1.2M thick High Strength, Precast Concrete Blocks