Northumbrian Water

This 540m3 capacity Storm Water Overflow Tank in Consett, County Durham was manufactured by Ebor Concretes, delivered and constructed by Seymour Civil Engineering in just 6 weeks in the summer of 2013. The precast water storage tank was designed by Ebor to a Northumbrian Water outline, comprised 3 parallel chambers, each 45m long x 2.2m wide x just over 2m deep.

The L shaped walls were cast in panels 5.75m long with an in-situ stitch on the vertical joints. Projecting rebar from the base of the walls was tied into the in-situ base slab along with precast concrete dry weather flow channels.

Ebor fitted hydrophilic rubber seals to the joints prior to delivery to ensure that the tank would remain water-tight. The roof, which was about 1.5m below ground level, was constructed of 150mm thick precast "biscuit" slabs overlain by a 75mm thick in-situ screed.

Client: Northumbrian Water

Main Contractor: Seymour Civil Engineering

  • Precast Water Storage Tank
  • Precast Walling
  • Dry Weather Flow Channels
  • Precast Biscuit Slabs