Portfolio Tag: Precast Biscuit Slabs

Northumbrian Water

This 540m3 capacity Storm Water Overflow Tank in Consett, County Durham was manufactured by Ebor Concretes, delivered and constructed by Seymour Civil Engineering in just 6 weeks in the summer of 2013. The precast water storage tank was designed by Ebor to a Northumbrian Water outline, comprised 3 parallel chambers, each 45m long x 2.2m…
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Dewsbury Rams RLFC

CI Construction approached Ebor Concretes with an enquiry for 70m of standing terrace for Dewsbury Rams Rugby League Club comprising 210 no. separate planks each spanning 4.6m between blockwork walls sat on a stepped in-situ concrete foundation. Ebor proposed an alternative scheme which required just 30 no. identical precast units each 2.3m wide spanning 5.8m…
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