Amber Precast is cast for the future

Our sister company, Amber Precast, has had a brand refresh and have built a new website to accompany their premium new look.

Feeling rejuvenated since their makeover, they are proud to unveil their new Amber Precast brand architecture, featuring Ebor Structural Precast.

As a company who are continuously growing, Amber Precast believe this brand refresh represents the hard work and accomplishments they have achieved recently. Their fresh new look accurately reflects the growth of their company by presenting themselves in a modern way.

So the wait is over. is set and ready for customers and partners alike to use. It is an excellent resource with greater accessibility than the previous Amber Precast website so you can navigate through products and services with ease.

Do you follow us on social media? If you do, then you’ll be able to catch all the latest news and updates we will be posting on all of our Ebor and Amber Precast digital platforms.

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