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Our Customers

Ebor Concretes predominantly serves UK construction companies and clients in key market sectors such as:-


  • Logistics (Distribution Centres)
  • Sport & Leisure (Stadia, Sports Grounds, Cinemas, Leisure Centres, Hotels)
  • Retail (Retail Parks, Shopping Centres)
  • Residential (Apartment Buildings, Housing)
  • Health Care (Hospitals, Clinics)
  • Commercial (Offices)
  • Education (Schools, Colleges, Universities)
  • Agriculture (Grain Stores, Dairies, Agricultural Buildings)
  • Defence 


Civil Engineering

  • Highways (Bridges, Parapets, Retaining Structures)
  • Marine (Sea Defence, Marine Decks, Jetties)
  • Rail (Bridges, Cills, Parapets, Platforms, Stairs, Stations, Smoke Ducts, Retaining Structures)
  • Water (Reservoirs, Pumping Stations, Sewerage Works, Tanks, Fish Passes)
  • Utilities (Nuclear, Electricity, Gas)

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