Why developers choose Ebor Structural Precast Concrete Products?

Why Ebor Structural Precast Concrete Products?

Precast Concrete Walls

Assured Quality, Reliability, Helpful Staff, Professionalism:

There are many reasons why leading UK Construction Companies choose Ebor to manufacture their Structural Precast Concrete Products.

Ebor's renowned Structural Precast Concrete Products have many advantages over competing materials and construction methods, bringing significant benefits to building and civil engineering projects.

Efficient Programmes

The speed of erection of precast reduces on-site times bringing quicker project completion and savings in preliminaries. Ebor can advise on installation programmes and will produce manufacture and delivery programmes to meet your project requirements.

Assured Quality

Factory production and quality control ensure a consistency in material quality, dimensional accuracy and standard of finish that cannot be matched by site production. Ebor has a well-earned reputation for the high quality of its products and will produce a Quality Plan which ensures that the quality requirements specific to your project are achieved.


Off-site production reduces on-site trades and activities and the potential for site accidents. Safe lifting, handling and installation are primary considerations in the design of precast elements and our experienced designers will assess the risks associated with the supply of products to your project and minimise these in the design process.

Product Versatility

Our Precast Concrete Products can be moulded into an infinite variety of shape and size of elements. With our own team of in-house mould makers, we can translate your requirements into a precast concrete solution and fabricate high quality moulds in our own well-equipped pattern making shop.

Cost Effectiveness

Concrete is a low maintenance, long life material which offers significant benefits in whole life costing of structures. The additional economies which off-site fabrication brings to project costing make precast concrete the natural choice for cost-effective construction. Ebor offers a free estimating service to allow you to compare the costs of a precast solution with alternative forms of construction.


Concrete is widely recognised as being the low carbon construction material of choice and its thermal mass properties bring life-long benefits in building structures. Precast concrete products can dramatically reduce site waste and improve the environmental credentials of a project. Ebor Concretes Environmental Management System was accredited to ISO14001 in May 2013. We are a Signatory of the British Precast Concrete Sustainability Charter and have been audited against the demanding levels set by the industry.