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Concrete framed structures comprising beams, columns, walls, floors, stairs and other elements can be used for a wide variety of applications including multi-storey car parks, retail and leisure developments, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, student accommodation and residential blocks. These structures can be built entirely from precast concrete but more commonly will be of hybrid construction comprising in-situ concrete or steel elements together with precast components.

Precast concrete can bring tremendous benefits to a project in terms of its speed of construction, quality of finish, durability, thermal mass properties and whole life costs. Ebor Concretes can design and supply individual precast elements for hybrid structures or full frames. We do not supply flooring planks but can offer other components including:-

  • Columns can either be rectangular or circular in section.
  • Projecting rebar can be provided for tying in to in-situ floors. Options for foundation connections include cast in base plates, dowel tubes or projections.
  • Beam support is achieved by either flared heads, corbels or bolt-on brackets.

Beams and Spandrels
  • Perimeter and spine beams are designed to suit specific applications with a range of end connection details. Section details vary widely depending on the requirements of each structure.
  • Bearing shelves are normally incorporated for supporting floor units and projecting rebar can be provided for continuity with in-situ slabs and toppings.
  • Edge beams can incorporate up-stand walls to act as spandrels.

Walls and Parapets
  • Precast concrete walls can be used to form stability cores for framed structures and incorporate connections to steel or concrete beams and columns or into in-situ floor slabs.
  • Alternatively, walls (for example for stair and lift cores) may be free-standing or supported by the structural frame.
  • Ebor can design and supply walls with a wide variety of connection and fixing details and features to suit all applications.

Balconies and other Bespoke Units
  • Ebor Concretes will design and supply balcony units and other bespoke structural units to suit your requirements. We are not restricted to standard sections and details and can fabricate our own moulds in-house to give you the components you require.

  • Precast concrete stair flights and landings can be provided in an infinite combination of widths, riser heights, going widths etc. More details of what we can offer can be found on our ?Stairs? page.

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