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About Ebor


Ebor Concretes Ltd was founded in 1942 in order to provide employment for servicemen returning from war duties. It had been in the same family ownership until 2016. We have been manufacturing precast concrete at our Ripon factory for over 77 years. During that period we have undertaken structural precast concrete work for all major contractors. We are a major employer in the city of Ripon, with joiners, steel fixers, casters and finishers employed in our factory and designers, estimators, engineering draughtsmen and admin staff in the offices all linking to produce items of precast concrete for the construction industry. Ebor Concretes became synonymous with precast concrete products such as dock leveller pits, stair flights and landings, ground beams and lift shafts.

What we do now

Using modern designs and manufacturing techniques we have value engineered these staple products to be more cost effective than ever before. We design, project manage, supply and install these products. Great products and great service aren’t left to chance; they come from our talented staff and great workforce. For years we have been asked to install our products. Now we do. Ask us about this service. In addition to the structural precast concrete products, we now offer architectural cladding and composite insulated panels. The cladding includes the ever popular brick-faced panels. Ask us about these products. We also bring our expertise of lightweight glassfibre reinforced concrete (GRC) to the market. This product reduces loadings on construction projects. Whether  you are interested in poured cast stone or sprayed cladding panels, ask us about these innovative products. Talk to us today about how we can help you with your precast concrete product requirements, we are here to help, advise and get you the best solution possible for your construction project.