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• Dock Leveller Pits

Designed to allow multiple-vehicle types and heights to unload at one dock, while also allowing for bridging between loading dock and vehicle level. Bespoke or standardised design for greater cost efficiency.

• Stair Flights and Landings

Stair flights and landings can be configured in a number of ways to suit the individual needs of the project requirements. Typical configurations are: stair flight with integral top or bottom half landing, Integral top and bottom or straight flight with separate precast landings. Talk to us and pick our brains, we have extensive knowledge in this area.

• Structural Ground Beams

Ground Beams are quick and easy to install. They can be used as a permanent shutter around a building to aid in the pouring of concrete floors or as a base to block or brick walls.

• Lift Shafts

The use of precast modular lift shafts ensure quick and easy installation, reducing disruption on site and costs. With the lift shafts being precast, they can be produced to factory tolerances.

• Architectural Cladding

For those that want a WOW factor, let your imagination run wild. Designed as a non-structural cladding with high spec finishes for a fraction of the cost and time of more traditional techniques.

• Composite Panels

An insulated precast sandwich panel with a thinner outer skin and thicker inner skin, that delivers heat efficiency and meets environmental targets. They can be faced with decorative cladding to make a truly innovative product.

• Brick-faced Cladding

Quick and simple to install, brick-faced cladding can be used on a multitude of projects, from small builds to high rise buildings. It is a cost-effective way of giving the appearance of a traditional brick wall with the benefits of shorter install times and less disruption to site.


Glassfibre reinforced concrete is used on the exterior of buildings to create an aesthetically pleasing facade, by adding colour and shape.

• Sprayed GRC Cladding Panels

This is grade 18 GRC. It is used for large self supported panels.

• Urban Landscaping

Bespoke precast concrete elements to create an eye-catching finish to an outdoor space. These components can include planters, sweeping steps and seating.

• Bespoke Products to your specification

Ebor Concretes Ltd can make exactly what you require in precast concrete.